10 Standout vCAD Features


There are many tools and apps out there – to the point that it can be hard to know what is what, and what you need. What is the best platform to navigate a design? If you choose to explore VR, what is the best VR app? We aim to help streamline the decision making process and, if the best fit, make the vCAD experience as seamless as possible for you.

To start users off on the right foot, we have compiled a list of our features that are most beneficial to professionals. What is the criteria? These attributes will help elevate your work, win the client, and take your designs to the next level.

1. Simultaneous Broadcasting

As you explore in VR, others can see your view in real-time on other devices (locally or remotely). Making virtual reality a shared experience allows colleagues and clients to step inside and explore the model with you, and simultaneously discuss the design. This helps get everyone on the same page and achieve goals.

2. Visually Locate Your Design

Now you can make your model even more realistic as vCAD’s skysphere allows you to place your design within a 360 photograph or Google Street View location. Adding an environment to your design helps provide a better visualization of what the final outcome will look like, inside and out.

3. Interactive Visualization

Fly freely through 3D designs on a phone or computer, or experience them in virtual reality on a phone (with an inexpensive VR headset). You can now fully, and freely, explore a design before it’s been built as though it was already constructed. We call this pre-reality!

4. Universal Distribution

We want users to easily share and show off their designs. There are a few ways to go about this. Use an iframe code to embed your designs as 3D fly-throughs on your website (what a way to wow prospective clients) or share them in virtual reality with the client-friendly free vCAD viewer app.

5. Continuous Navigation

Say goodbye to point-to-point movement. vCAD enables you to smoothly soar on a continuous path as you explore designs, making the experience more realistic and easy to view from all angles. In VR, you simply look in the direction you want to explore, press the side-mounted touchpad, and move in that direction. In 3D (non-VR mode) you navigate using the touchscreen, touchpad, keyboard, or mouse.

6. No Motion Sickness

80% of VR users report experiencing unfortunate symptoms with virtual reality (think headaches, nausea, etc.) In steps the vCAD team with a solution: the patented one-touch navigation reduces motion sickness so you and your clients can experience VR comfortably and worry-free.

7. Quick and Easy Conversion

It truly is simple. Just navigate to the project page in your account, click the ‘upload’ button, select your file and enter information in the two data fields, click ‘continue’, and the file will start to upload and convert.

8. VR and Non-VR Mode

You have a choice in how to explore your designs. vCAD provides the best VR experience of a CAD design (with no programming or expensive headsets). Or you can simplify and explore a model via the immersive (and incredibly cool) 3D fly-through option on any computer or mobile device.

9. Lowest Price Points

You really are getting the most for your money here. For just $15 per month with the ‘Personal Account’ you will have access to a robust set of features and ample storage. The ‘Professional Account’ is just $50 per month and offers more great features and storage.

10. Rockstar Team

Behind the app is a great group of people working tirelessly to provide intuitive tools that allow users to create, convert, distribute, and interactively experience their CAD designs with photorealistic quality before those designs are constructed. This provides the bridge between design and realization - pre-reality! Additionally, the team is always listening to feedback, offering support, and working to improve the product.

The ultimate goal of vCAD is to make this interactive visualization media form accessible to the masses – providing the pre-reality experience to anyone, anywhere, anytime for building design, remodeling, engineering prototyping and educational uses. The many beneficial features of vCAD make it a tool worth trying.

We invite you to give it a go and share your feedback. Download in the App Store or Google Play!