5 Ways vCAD Helps Win The Client

vCAD Client VR.jpg

vCAD lets you and your clients experience designs before they are built – we call this pre-reality! The experience this tool provides elevates the designer-client relationship by improving understanding, communication, clarity, trust, and transparency (just to name a few). As a result, you reach desired goals and project outcomes more easily and efficiently, and everyone is happier. 

We’ve seen vCAD help professionals across several design industries and want to share the secret sauce with you.


1. Easily experience virtual reality and 3D fly-throughs

It is so simple to convert your CAD models to virtual reality or 3D fly-throughs for the client to experience. Just send us your file! From there, the client has a choice in how they prefer to view the design. With an inexpensive VR headset and a mobile phone, they can enjoy a full and immersive virtual reality experience. When VR is more than needed, they can explore the model via high-end 3D fly-through. Both options achieve interactive visualization and make a big impression.

2. Clients can be IN the design

Exploring a model with vCAD makes users feel like they are really there. Clients can step inside a design, interact, and roam freely to better understand the space and proposed ideas. Experiencing a design firsthand provides far more comprehension and excitement about a project than being talked through sketches, pictures, and videos alone. 

3. Move freely and smoothly around a model

With continuous walkthrough, navigating a design is a smooth and realistic experience for the client as they soar through the design on a continuous path. There is no motion sickness (a negative side effect for some VR users) as this is alleviated by our patent-pending One-Touch Navigation. Clients simply look in the direction they want to move, press the side-mounted touch pad, then move in that direction. This allows clients to see a model from all vantage points and perspectives to better understand the project and provide clear feedback. 

4. Easy to share VR and 3D designs

The process is as simple as sharing any file or link. So don’t just send your client a photo or sketch, send them an interactive design. They can then experience the model in virtual reality or 3D fly-through with the app (anywhere, anytime) on their desktop, tablet or phone. You can also get an embed code to place 3D fly-throughs on your website to wow all prospective clients too.

5. View together and collaborate in real-time

With ScreenShare mode, you can broadcast your VR view to other devices (locally or remotely) so clients can see your view in real time. For 3D walkthroughs, you can broadcast a mobile view to any desktop. This shared experience allows multiple users to explore a design in virtual reality together and talk through questions, problems, and provide clear direction. The opportunity to experience a design before it’s built with the client and discuss simultaneously makes vCAD the ultimate collaboration tool and helps you get results.


vCAD is a new and powerful tool that has already proven to help professionals win the client and take their business to the next level. We invite you to try it out and share your feedback and experience.