A Simple Solution for Professionals Interested in VR

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With so many apps and tools out there, it can be confusing and challenging to select the one best for you. VR for professional use (industries at the front of this adaptation include real estate development and architecture) is a relatively new trajectory. Without trial and error, how do you know what functionality is best suited for your needs?

To help out, we broke down the different professional tools that utilize virtual reality in a previous article. Now let’s break it down further and look at additional factors in “layman’s terms”. Virtual reality is so new in various industries, we don’t expect you to be a VR expert - on top of your other degrees and years of experience - quite yet.

We took a step back and thought about the different components that are important to people who are new to virtual reality. What makes a tool an asset to your business and not an additional headache? Our goal is not just to introduce you to vCAD, but to also help you decide if it’s the best tool for you, and one you can actually use.

Ease of use

All it takes is an email to us so we can transform and distribute your CAD models into immersive, interactive 3D. It is a very quick and easy conversion process. vCAD also hosts an extensive gallery of CAD models for you to use as a source of content.

vCAD supports most CAD formats (RVT, SKP 2014, FBX, OBJ, STL) making it easy for us to convert files and distribute to clients and colleagues. Additionally, the app work with most iOS and Android smartphones, as well as any mobile VR headset that is Google Cardboard compatible.


Realistic and smooth experience

You can choose how to immerse yourself in a model! Our continuous navigation allows users to fly freely through designs on a phone or computer in non-VR mode, or experience in virtual reality on a phone + mobile VR viewer. There is no point-to-point movement. You can go anywhere in the virtual world of the model you are exploring on a smooth, continuous path.

Exploring in virtual reality is also a comfortable experience with our patent pending “one-touch” navigation, which eliminates VR motion sickness. Simply look in the direction you want to explore, touch the side-mounted touch pad, and move in that direction. The ability to fully navigate in VR and 3D is beneficial and enjoyable to all parties.


Simple to share your files and VR view

Need a simple way to share the 3D and VR experience with clients and colleagues? It’s easy to distribute your VR files using the vCAD app secure project sharing. You can also feature 3D fly-throughs on your website (by embedding an iframe code) to share with all potential clients.

Need to share with a wider audience? Our ScreenShare mode allows simultaneous broadcasting so others can see your model view in real-time on other devices, locally or remotely. It’s perfect for projecting to a larger audience or collaborating with clients traveling or located elsewhere.

So what makes vCAD stand out from the crowd? It really is the most simple tool to use and apply to your business. It’s easy to use, easy on the budget, easy (and enjoyable) to experience the walkthroughs in VR or 3D, and easy to share with others. We invite you to give it a try!

What else would you like to know about vCAD before making the (low-risk) leap? We’d love your feedback and are always happy to help.