Anthony Huber: Creating a Multi-Platform Experience

What is your education background? 

I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in Spring 2017.

How did you get connected to vCAD? 

vCAD offered a project for the senior design course at the University of Tennessee. My senior design group picked the vCAD project, and we enjoyed working on their material. Through this project, I got to know the vCAD team and see the work they do. From building these relationships, vCAD offered me a job to continue working for them.

What is your role at vCAD? 

Web and Applications development. I was brought on primarily to help with the new website that they were building. Now my role has evolved into a feature developer for both the website and app. It's a great blend that aids in creating a holistic experience for the user. 

What have you learned from working at vCAD? 

In my major I did not learn about business. When you work at a start-up company you get to see the inner workings of the business. 

In your opinion, how is vCAD a game changer?  

vCAD has made it easy to share and view models on mobile platforms. Users can send models directly to other users, embed them on websites and share them on social media.

What projects are you most proud of? 

I’m most proud of my collaborative efforts with the new Designer app that vCAD is producing. Team skills are highly sought in this industry and I am working with knowledgeable people from a variety of backgrounds. 

What are you most excited about regarding the vCAD app?  

Continually making the app easier to use. The quicker people can pick up our app and get to work with it the better. If everything is intuitively simple, then client’s customers won’t need to waste too much time explaining how to use the app as opposed to showing off their model. 

What vCAD functionality is most valuable in your opinion? 

The simple sharing system we have is by far the most valuable functionality. Collaboration within a team or sharing a model or idea with a customer is essential. Making this process painless is key. 

What is it like working at a start-up company?  

Everyone who works at a start-up company takes up responsibilities from multiple departments. The amount of experience gained at a start-up is invaluable. You work closely with your peers and employees from other departments. This makes you desirable to future employers and exposed you to many sides of the company.