Choose Your Experience: VR or Non-VR Mode


This is a friendly PSA to remind users that you do not need a virtual reality headset to immerse yourself in and explore designs with the vCAD app. That’s right, you have a choice in how to step inside and experience a CAD model - as though it was already built.

Both methods create a realistic and comprehensive journey of a model. Designers and clients can move around freely to explore and understand a space. How you go about it, is completely up to you.


Non-VR Mode

You can experience a 3D fly-through on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone). This provides flexibility to utilize the platform that is best suited and most convenient for a situation.

From your vCAD account, simply select the design and start exploring using your touchscreen, touchpad, keyboard, or mouse (depending on the device). On your phone, non-VR mode has swipe and double-tap controls, allowing you to swipe your phone to look around and double tap (then hold) to move forward.

This allows you to navigate every angle of the model in a 3D environment, and feel like you are truly there. You can have a completely immersive experience without virtual reality (though that is pretty cool too… read on).

Virtual Reality

We’ve made it so simple to use VR by eliminating many of the barriers around it.

Expensive equipment? All you need is your smartphone and a $15 Google Cardboard Viewer (or a similar headset for less). Bonus: it’s easy to travel with such small devices.

VR motion sickness? This has been alleviated with our One-Touch Navigation®.

Too complicated? Not at all. Once you have the headset, it’s so simple to use. Just look in the direction you want to explore, press the side-mounted touch pad, and move in that direction on a smooth path.

Decisions, decisions

Don’t sweat it. You really can’t go wrong here. It is an incredibly cool and realistic experience however you choose to explore designs with 3D fly-throughs. The important thing is you do have a choice.

Virtual reality is great when you need it, but often you want something more simple and convenient. That’s where the option of non-VR mode is key. You can easily toggle between the two viewing methods… so perhaps you should order that $15 VR headset, just to have on hand.


We invite you to give VR and non-VR mode a try and share your feedback!