A Solution To Navigate Models Anywhere




With vCAD, you have several options to step inside and experience a CAD model. For those who need to access their designs anytime, anywhere, on the go – our mobile app is the best approach. All you need is a smart phone to start exploring.

In 45 seconds, the video explains how to navigate designs with the mobile app. We also provided the CliffsNotes below. Four simple, intuitive steps and you are on your way.


  1. To look around, place one finger on the screen and move left right up down
  2. To move forward, double tap and hold
  3. To pan view, use two fingers and move up down left right
  4. To move very quickly, pinch zoom in and out


How easy is that? And convenient too, as you can walk through designs on the go.

You can also experience your CAD models in virtual reality. Just purchase an (inexpensive) Google Cardboard VR Viewer (or get one free with a vCAD subscription) and take it from there. It's nice to have choices.  

We invite you to navigate models with our mobile app and share your feedback!