Explore 3D Designs with Continuous Walkthrough

The tools are in place for professionals to turn their ideas into a tangible, immersive experience. Virtual walkthrough software and 3D interactive walkthrough software allows users to step into designs and move about however they wish. This allows the creators and clients to interact with the many elements of a model to truly see and understand the project.

Continuous walkthrough makes this experience feel limitless and interactive as users can walk or “fly” anywhere through a 3D CAD model. It helps users gain new perspective on a design and is simple to navigate in both VR and non-VR modes. But which is the best method to take? 


3D Interactive Walkthrough Viewing Options

Exploring a world in virtual reality is exciting, and can feel close to the real thing. VR allows you to immersive yourself into a design and truly explore and understand the space and scale. With vCAD One-Touch Navigation you just look in the direction you want to explore, press the side-mounted touch pad, and move in that direction. However, if you don’t have a VR headset or don’t need a full VR experience for comprehension, there is an easier option.

3D continuous walkthrough in full screen mode also provides an experience rich in interactive visualization. All you need is a smartphone to explore a model, making the experience more simple and convenient. Users can still navigate a 3D design freely -- just swipe, touch, and move the screen -- to fully explore and visualize your design.


Applying VR and 3D to your Field

This new, interactive perspective is paving the way for how professional share their designs (rather, experience their designs) and contributes to the successful outcome of projects by increasing understanding and engagement. Here are several ways that continuous walkthrough can benefit various industries:

  • Architects can give clients a walkthrough before the house is built, and determine any changes needed to the space to make their vision become a reality.
  • Developers can pre-sell a building before construction even begins as people can experience the layout of their prospective dream home or business space.
  • Engineers are able to understand a product look and feel before building a prototype, saving a lot of time, energy and materials.
  • Artists can explore 3D creations from every perspective (particularly for Tiltbrush artists in 3D space) and better understand the delivery and audience perception of their work.
  • Contractors are able to understand the physical relationship of systems within a facility before placing a single element into the plan.
  • Teachers can get students to immerse themselves in a project or concept, and improve their understanding of the lesson by experiencing it firsthand.
  • Inventors are able to explore their designs before building them, to work out the kinks and evolve the creative process.


Give 3D Walkthrough Software a Go

It’s apparent that virtual reality is no longer just for gamers - but it is a game changer. The vCAD app can take you anywhere in the model you’ve designed to explore with continuous walkthrough in VR or full screen mode. The experience is smooth (no VR motion sickness!), realistic, informative, and allows users to explore a design concept freely.

Many people have found it to be a useful and impactful tool in their work. We invite you to test it out and share your experience and feedback with us.