Gain Inspiration and Confidence with our Revit Showcase

Most of the time, a quick conversion from a 3D model in vCAD is sufficient to explore a design with 3D fly-through or VR. You can roam around freely and view the model from all vantage points, as though it was already built. But perhaps you are ready to create a more realistic environment for your designs.

We invite you to check out the Revit Material Library Showcase in our gallery. We have taken all of the materials and transferred to vCAD, creating a sampler for users to see. There is great value in seeing what the materials and fabrics look like firsthand, and we want Revit users to have confidence in how the tool works.

Below is a glimpse of the many different materials featured. You will be able to see at a glance these textures and how they will appear when uploaded to the vCAD interactive application. However, we recommend that you dedicate time to exploring the model galleries and see what each material looks like. It really is so cool, and so realistic.

Ready to add realistic textures to your CAD files? Visit this guide in our resource center for step-by-step instructions on how to render to texture. Next step: achieve photorealism and obtain a better feel for how your designs will be experienced in the real world.


Rendered Fabricsrevit rendered fabrics.pngMetalsrevit metals.pngConcrete & Masonryrevit concrete and masonry 2.pngPlasticsrevit plastics 2.pngGeneric Material Samplerrevit generic.pngGlass, Gas & Liquidrevit glass.pngWoodrevit wood.pngFabricsrevit fabric.pngStonerevit stone.png