Helping 3D Artists See Their Work In Pre-Reality


The world of a 3D artist is a fascinating and multifaceted one. 3D artists are best known for their work in the video game and movie industries, and can also apply their talents to a wide variety of professional fields.

For those who aren’t aware (or 3D artists seeking new opportunities) these multi-talented professionals also create images and models for: architects, scientists, engineers, geologists, health care agencies, medical schools and laboratories, design firms specializing in advertising, graphic, web, and product, software companies, manufacturing firms, aerospace, environmental agencies, automotive companies, retail, forensics, interior design, real estate, building technology, and many others.

Any industry that needs a talented artist to build 3D environments can benefit from hiring a 3D artist. Any 3D artist needing to build an environment (with illustrations, CAD, and 3D art software) can benefit from checking out vCAD. Here are just a few reasons why. 


Save time and money building models 

Building a 3D world is amazing - but can also be an expensive and time consuming process. Especially if crafted by hand. vCAD has simplified the process of 3D modeling with software that quickly converts CAD files to a 3D or virtual world that shows your designs.

It’s easy and inexpensive to turn your ideas and illustrations into a tangible and visual experience. Clients can see your vision come to life and provide clear and direct feedback. Making changes to your model is also quick and easy, with little to no additional expense. The ability to create a 3D world is literally at your fingertips (with the vCAD app).


Step into the world you created 

Not only can clients see and understand your design, they can also now step into a model with virtual reality and 3D fly-throughs. What better way to understand a model than to walk around and explore from every angle and perspective? 

Clients (regardless of the industry) will appreciate the benefits of seeing computer generated 3D art in a format that they can truly immerse themselves in and interact with. The ability to step into a design and see it before it’s built (pre-reality!) makes projects move faster and ensure design goals are met.


Improved functionality for Tiltbrush users

As Jon Huber, the CTO of vCAD, hinted at… the experience for Tiltbrush artists will get even better! Very soon users will be able to explore their Tiltbrush creation with One-Touch Navigation.

This allows users to move around freely instead of “fishing” from point to point, providing a really great and immersive experience. Currently, vCAD is the only virtual reality art software that offers continuous navigation in a mobile VR experience for Tiltbrush a file.


As we dug more into the world of 3D artists, it was fascinating to see how many worlds and industries their skills touch. And it is so exciting for us to see the many ways vCAD can help. We invite you try vCAD and see the impact it makes on your business - and we welcome all feedback and ideas!