Jacob Blankenship: Learning new skills to Innovate with

Jacob is a recent college graduate and has been a part of the vCAD team since last May. He has brought many skills to the table and has learned many new things to better the company and the product. Currently he is focusing on CAD building and rendering. Jacob is also a Nike athlete for pole vaulting at UT. We caught up with him to see what he thinks about workign at vCAD and what vCAD has to offer. 

What is your education background? 

In high school, I was in a program called Architecture and Construction Management, assuming my path at my university would be in architecture. I ended up switching and pursuing an engineering career. Being from Ohio, I chose to move away and attend The University of Tennessee. While attending The University of Tennessee, I studied Electrical Engineering and graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering in May of 2017.  

How did you get connected to vCAD? 

In my last semester at The University of Tennessee, I had the pleasure of working with 5 other students on a senior design project under Dr. Lee Martin. In this project, we worked on a feature that is now being implemented in the vCAD platform. After the semester, Dr. Martin talked to me about what my plans were after I graduated, it was followed by a meeting here at the vCAD office and it seemed like a great fit! I have now been with vCAD since May of 2017 and it has been a great time and wonderful experience. 

What is your role at vCAD? 

My role at vCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Rendering Designer. I work very closely with most of the 2D and 3D models that come to us. It ranges from taking 2D blueprints and building models from a blank project to a realistic 3D model, or beginning with clients 3D models and optimizing them. Along with this, I work on other projects such as video tutorials, tradeshow videos, and more. 

What have you learned from working at vCAD? 

I have learned many different things while being here at vCAD. I have learned multiple new programs such as 3DS Max and Unity. I have learned a small bit when it comes to writing code. But one of the most important things I have learned is what a small business goes through and the business decisions made along the way. Not many people get to experience this and we are all lucky to see this side of a start-up business. 

In your opinion, how is vCAD a game changer? 

vCAD allows people to experience something in a realistic manner before it even exists. To be able to see a building, home, business, or whatever it may be before it ever exists is something we haven’t been able to do. Not only that, it can be done from a device you keep right in your pocket. Especially when some of our new features launch, it will be a very useful design process that can be integrated in many different professionals workflow or even just the enthusiast that wants to visualize something themselves. 

What projects are you most proud of? 

The projects that I am most proud of are the ones that started with 2D blueprints and were built into realistic 3D models. I do not have a particular favorite, but it is always satisfying when you are using the vCAD app and walking through it.  

What are you most excited about regarding the vCAD app?  

What I am most excited for in the vCAD app are our newest features being developed. Not only will you be able to view 3D models and walk through them, they will be fully interactive. We will have the ability to change wall colors, object materials, floor types and material, and more. This will be our true break through and fame of vCAD as it is something no one is doing, especially at the quality and realism we will be able to achieve with the feature. 

What vCAD functionality is most valuable in your opinion? 

I believe the functionality that will be most valuable will be the feature I had mentions above. This will be very unique and very useful for all types of professionals and enthusiasts.  

What is it like working at a start-up company?  

It is pretty awesome to be able to work at a start-up company for many different reasons. Some of them were mentioned in previous questions, but not many times do people get to see what goes on behind the scenes of a start-up company. 

Is there anything else you want people to know about vCAD? 

Look out for vCAD because I feel it will become a very useful platform for the design process and experience of 3D modeling.