Jerry Thomas: helping people understand what they don't know they need

 Jerry Thomas is a key player of the vCAD team. He made a large jump from one field to another when joining the team. He has been a great asset! Jerry is a believer in vCAD and also our new product, vHOME. This shows through the daily work he puts into communicating and interacting with different companies. Read more about Jerry below.

Can you tell us more about your background and how it got you to this point?

Through a long a winding road... I have spent much of my career in healthcare serving in multiple capacities ie. Paramedic, 911 System Director, Educator, Sales Consulting and Management.  From the initial moment of introduction, I was drawn into the culture and the opportunity to help shape the future of how VR and Non-VR technology will provide a new business path to success for our clients.  It’s exciting and challenging to help people understand what they don’t know they need.  The client experience and buyer expectations of this generation and future generations are changing dramatically.  

How did you get connected to vCAD?

My former employer, The White Stone Group was located in Knoxville, TN and went through a PE acquisition.  After a few months, it was time to make a change. I was introduced to vCAD by my former CFO and the rest is history.  It was a blessing out of left field!  The culture and the team are great to work with, side-by-side. 

What is your role at vCAD?

Chief Sales Officer

What have you learned from the experience?

That change can be invigorating, challenging and rewarding! 

What vCAD functionality is most valuable in your opinion?

Platform flexibility.  The ability to enhance communication in a new forum is critical to all generations!  Cross generational simplicity is paramount for technology to be embraced fully. The KISS principle will always be important, no matter what business segment you serve! 

What problems does vCAD solve?

I think this will vary by customer. The beauty of the vCAD platform and its features, will allow clients to relieve pain points that are unique to them.  Maybe its visualization and distribution, navigation and design in pre-construction, the need to allow clients to experience their investment in a pre-reality setting and experience their designs before they are built or as a documentation tool to reduce change orders and become more efficient in operations.  The clients are still discovering unique ways to use the platform!  

What industries can be impacted by vCAD?

Residential Builders, Pre-Construction Build, Designers, Architects, Real Estate and Education. I believe our technology will provide solutions to problems we have not been made aware of by other industries searching for solutions to unique problems. I believe as our market education expands, the desire for our platform will penetrate the business world in ways yet unknown.

How can vCAD push industries forward?

I think we have an obligation to help educate the business world to the vast opportunities of this technology. VR is no longer a simple “gaming tool”, it’s more than likely the way future pre-construction business will be experienced.

Who are some of the connections you have made through vCAD?

Universities for build projects, University teachers and their students, Builders, Designers, Manufacturers, Real Estate Professionals, Architects, etc.  As a general rule, people and businesses looking to be recognized as industry leaders and not laggards.

Where do you see vCAD going?

I think our business partners and their network will further define the features required to help them be successful with the generational demands. My grandkids download apps, my mom didn’t understand how an “green flag” appeared so fast.  Smart business leaders will always want to stay out front of their competitors with new and client engaging technology. We will always strive to deliver!