Lucid Reality Provides Top-Notch Tiltbrush Content


All the time, people take something new and push it to its limits, try to do new things with it and create ideas from what already exists. Now that vCAD supports Tiltbrush files, the innovators utilizing Tiltbrush can experience One-Touch Navigation™ which is a free roaming method vs the point-to-point offered by the application.

@LucidRealityVR has begun to develop a VR art community. He has curated Tiltbrush versions of masterpieces like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and iconic characters like Spiderman. Many users enjoy the high quality of these models on the Lucid Reality VR website. However, with vCAD, Tiltbrush artists can immersively share their art in Virtual Reality to any smartphone, which creates an experience beyond the YouTube videos commonly utilized today.

Now even you can see these works of art in virtual reality with vCAD! These piece are in the VR Gallery on the vCAD app. Simply download the FREE app and search for the project you want!