New Release! vCAD iPad App


This post will be short and sweet, but full of exciting news. The vCAD experience is now available on your iPad with our new app. Now you truly can access the world of 3D and VR from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

 The iPad app has the same great functionality and look as the iPhone app - with the benefit of viewing on a larger mobile screen. This takes interactive visualization to the next level. Using the same simple swipe and double tap controls, you are now able to explore a 3D design on a much bigger mobile platform.  

The main catalyst behind introducing this new app? You. We listened to your feedback, and understood the need for more options in non-VR mode. It is our pleasure to deliver and quickly provide this option on your iPad - with the same format, ease of distribution, and incredible viewing experience.

However, if you are still curious about the view in virtual reality - you can easily go for it. We highly recommend using the Homido Mini Viewer with the iPad to explore in VR. The field of view is simply amazing, and the experience rivals other far more expensive (and far less mobile) setups. We have tested this firsthand and were truly wowed.

Our goal is to provide users the best solutions and many options to suit their needs. The release of the iPad app is so exciting to us as we feel it delivers on both accounts. We invite you to try vCAD with the new iPad app, and share your experience and feedback!