From Revit Models to vCAD VR


vCAD provides a unique opportunity for CAD and BIM software users: the ability to automatically convert the models they create into immersive virtual reality experiences. When talented and well versed architects and design professionals choose vCAD to convert their complex and beautifully made models into VR, the results are extraordinary.


Paul F. Aubin is a user of both CAD and BIM software. He teaches classes on Revit, has written many books and tutorials and is an independent architectural consultant. He provides services focusing on Revit® Architecture and AutoCAD® Architecture all over the world. []


Aubin has traveled the world for work in order to capture historic and monumental architecture in the form of 3D models. He takes onsite laser scans and brings them into Revit® Architecture. These are both detailed in their structure as well as the materials and images that are applied. Using vCAD, Aubin converted these models to virtual reality and is now able to view and walk around the buildings as though he is still there.


You can view these buildings too! Simply, download the “vCAD” app from your mobile App or Google Play store. Navigate to the VR Gallery to view two of his detailed models. In the Featured channel of the Gallery, view “Baptistry” in Volterra, Italy. In the Architecture channel of the Gallery, view “Palazzo dei Priori” in Volterra, Italy.


Learn more about Paul F. Aubin on his website: