Real Estate Developers: Make the Sale Before the Build

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Those in real estate development know that there are great risks and great rewards in the industry. You have identified an ideal property investment before others, which has its challenges. How do you sell a development that has not yet been built? How do you convince prospective customers to buy from looking at a design only?  

vCAD provides a solution to minimizing the risks when converting ideas to reality. The tool allows you to show clients an immersive 3D real estate walkthrough of a project while still in the design stage. The clients are able to really see it, and you can really sell it. 


Don’t just show a design, be IN the design

Many clients aren’t able to fully understand a proposed project with sketches, videos or pictures alone. So invite your clients to truly see a design. Invite them to step inside and explore a model with VR and 3D walkthrough functionality. 

vCAD provides the opportunity for your clients to tour future buildings as though actually there. Users can explore a design freely in virtual reality or with 3D fly-through to interact with and immerse themselves in the space. They can walk around and look at a project before it’s built - and fall in love with it. 


Save time and money 

For developers, agents and clients alike - visiting and viewing properties is an investment of time and money. This is especially the case when multiple properties are on the table. With 3D virtual tour software the need to actually visit a property is eliminated as users can tour a future building from anywhere. 

Real estate VR apps like vCAD make the process more efficient and cost effective for every party involved. The ability to view and experience a proposed building design remotely vs. onsite means far less travel, particularly for those located far away from the project. This reduces travel expenses and time investment, resulting in great savings and results. 


Improve the design process

Arriving at a final design can be a long, arduous process. Making additional changes to that design at a later phase can be brutal and expensive. We aim to fix that by improving the comprehension and communication by the client.

When a client is able to take a 3D virtual tour of house plans, they can actually see, experience, and understand how the project will look when complete. This reduces confusion and misunderstandings, and allows them to provide direct feedback for the developer to implement. This clear communication saves a lot of time, trouble and headaches in the process.


Sell real estate before it’s built

We understand the many challenges around selling real estate before it’s built. It’s a long process to perfect the design, match with clients, make the sale, and build. Virtual reality for real estate agents is changing the business.

vCAD provides developers the tools to succeed with their clients. Users can experience the layout of their prospective dream home or business space before it’s built. Developers can see what the client experiences on a 3D real estate walkthrough and offer details and answers to their questions. It opens up the communication channels for clear feedback and direction, making the design process more efficient.

All of this makes it far easier to sell a development before construction begins - and for all parties to feel confident in the investment.  

We invite you to try vCAD as your VR real estate platform and look forward to any feedback or suggestions you may have.