The Secret to Pre-Selling Real Estate

3D rendering-1.jpg

 It's a challenge to sell a property before it's been built. You know you have a great investment on your hands – but how to make the client see it? We aim to bridge that gap.

1. Allow clients to experience the designs as though they are already built.

We call this pre-reality. Seeing something before it exists, as though it already exists. Often photos, videos, sketches, and blueprints just don’t cut it (as the different 2D formats aren’t able to tell the whole story). 3D and virtual reality, on the other hand, allow prospective buyers to step inside a design and walk around as though the model has been built.

It may sound like a lot of work to get 3D and VR walkthroughs, right? We can’t speak for the other tools, but with vCAD – the conversion of CAD models to 3D and VR experiences takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require any expensive equipment. It’s quick, easy, and the impact is huge. What a difference it makes when clients aren’t just looking at the model, they are IN the model, as though construction has already taken place.

2. Invite clients to explore designs freely, see from every angle, understand the space.

A major issue nearly all architects and real estate agents face is how to make clients see and understand the design? Not an easy task. Most people are not trained or experienced in reading blueprints. And, as mentioned above, photos, sketches and videos just don’t tell the whole story. This creates a lot of uncertainty around real estate before it’s built.

Providing options like 3D and VR walkthroughs of designs literally opens the doors for your clients. You are inviting them to step inside a design and elevate their understanding of the space. They can roam freely, look at every feature, see things from every perspective, experience the space, and truly comprehend the design. This allows clients to feel more confident about about purchasing prospective properties, and is a win for all.

3. Provide the opportunity for clients to see their feedback and changes implemented.

Hopefully your client will adore the design at first glance… but we know that’s not always the case. Fortunately, 3D and VR make it so easy for clients to explore a design with the seller, ask questions, request modifications, and see the remodel (almost) immediately. When clients can see the design before it is built, they can also see what changes need to happen early on.

As the design is still in the model phase (versus the construction phase) it is then so quick, easy, and inexpensive to implement any change requests to review again with the client. Revisions can take as many rounds as needed to get the design perfect, before the building begins. The ultimate goal is to eliminate costly and time consuming changes during construction – and the vCAD tool does just that.

4. Make it easy to tour the properties, without expensive and time consuming travel.

Imagine your client sitting in the comfort of their own home and experiencing multiple properties, in various locations, in a matter of minutes. And no, we’re not talking about flipping through photos. We mean stepping into the buildings and seeing how it looks and feels from every angle. This is possible when designs are converted into 3D and VR.

You can now invite clients to experience many real estate projects in many locations – with little expense or time commitment. What would have cost a small fortune in time and dollars to travel to each location and tour each property, can now be accomplished within minutes using the vCAD tool.

By making it easy to experience multiple properties and providing countless options, you are increasing the chance of your client finding something they love. By reducing the impact on their wallet and calendars to experience these properties, you are creating a beautiful client relationship. By inviting them to step inside and explore each property, you are helping them make a decision they feel confident in.

We invite you to try the vCAD tool and see what an impact it makes on your business. What else would help you pre-sell real estate? Let us know!