The Ultimate VR Collaboration Tool

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Virtual reality is a very engaging and immersive experience - often limited to the person wearing the headset. Not the case with vCAD ScreenShare (formerly spectator mode).

This functionality allows users to share what they are viewing with a wider audience. vCAD users can turn their phone into a powerful presentation remote control by broadcasting their mobile view. How is this beneficial? 


Make meetings inclusive and interactive

It is now possible for one person to view a design walkthrough on their phone, using a VR headset or in non-VR mode, and broadcast the view to a PC/MAC computer internet browser to be displayed to a projector. As a result, everyone working together on a project can experience a model walkthrough in virtual reality or 3D - at the same time.

This opens the doors for great meetings, discussions, and outcomes. Instead of passing around the mobile device and headset for an isolated viewing experience, people share the experience together and are able to see, converse, and collaborate simultaneously. The entire group is immediately all on the same page for comments, callouts, feedback, and direction.


Improve communications with clients

ScreenShare is perfect for smaller settings as well, such as design walkthroughs with clients. As the client explores a model, you can see exactly what they see and discuss it in real time. This sets the stage for an open and productive dialogue.

You will see firsthand how the client approaches a design, what the space feels like to them, and answer all questions accordingly. The conversation will be more clear and direct with the shared visuals and immersive experience. You can identify and work through any design challenges together and reach goals more efficiently.


Remote discussions feel less remote

One person can view a model in VR or 3D on their phone, while another views their experience on a computer. This can all be accomplished remotely as the phone and browser do not have to be in the same room. ScreenShare allows clients, colleagues, and project leaders to easily share and review designs together in virtual reality and discuss what they are seeing in real-time (from wherever they are) to ensure a successful project.

Current users have told us that this is a favorite and valued tool for elevating their business. It makes an immediate impact on clients and colleagues, and improves the design process and project outcomes. They are truly amazed by the shared VR and 3D experience and appreciate how it boosts conversations, comprehension, and overall efficiency. Making VR a shared experience has great results.

We invite you to try vCAD and ScreenShare, and share your experience with us.