This Is How Easy It Can Be To Share Your Designs

You created an amazing CAD model, (easily) converted it to an immersive experience in virtual reality and 3D fly-through – and now it's time to share with colleagues and clients. Don't worry, vCAD has made that function simple as well.

From your smartphone or computer, you can share the experience of interactive visualizations anywhere, anytime, with anyone you choose. Learn how in the (quick) tutorial videos below (both are well under a minute) plus the steps are listed for easy reference. 

Don't keep your work to yourself. It's too good not to share.



Share Projects Through Email In The App

1. Go to the 'projects' tab

2. Select the project you would like to share

3. In the top righthand corner, tap the arrow to access the sharing window

4. Tap 'email a link to this model'

5. Enter the emails of those you want to share models with, and hit send!


Share Projects Through Email From Your Computer

1. Login to your account on

2. Navigate to the 'projects' tab

3. Hover over the project you would like to share, and a bottom toolbar will appear

4. Click on the arrow to access the sharing window

5. Enter the recipients, a message, and click send!


Give it a go and please let us know if you have any comments or callouts. vCAD is listening and always open to ideas for improvement. Also, we'd love to hear how impressed your clients and colleagues were upon receiving this experience in their email.