Tilt Brush Artist Spotlight

Tiltbrush 1.jpg

The Tilt Brush artist community is growing, and we’ve greatly enjoyed seeing the different works by various artists. The fun really begins (for us) when we convert that art via vCAD into an immersive and interactive experience with virtual reality or 3D fly-through.

The Tilt Brush application offers point-to-point movement – but with vCAD you can roam freely and smoothly to explore art from every angle and perspective. Additionally, Tilt Brush artists can easily share the VR and 3D experience of their masterpiece to any smartphone.

One artist in particular that caught our attention recently is Anna Dream Brush. We are big fans of her Tilt Brush Gallery, as well as her videos on YouTube. We took her artwork one step further by converting it into a piece you can step into and explore with VR or 3D.

At a glance, you can see what it’s like to step into and experience her work of art as a Tilt Brush virtual reality environment and explore with 3D fly-through.

Tiltbrush 2.jpg

We invite you to share your Tilt Brush art – and take your work to the next level with vCAD. It's so exciting to offer another layer of Tilt Brush ideas and uses to create virtual reality paintings. Please share your experience and feedback!