vCAD in Action: Providing a Tool to set IOA Apart from its Competitors

Images of America works to provide safe and comfortable furnishings for healthcare, corporate and hospitality environments. They supply products that are conscious of production processes and aim to be free of potentially hazardous chemicals. They retro-fit existing hospitals and work with architects and designers to spec their furniture for new construction. Chris Johnson, Director of Visualization at IOA, has been working with vCAD to integrate visualization into their workflow: from showing clients layout possibilities to digital catalog viewing. IOA is looking to push the industry by experimenting with new technologies, not only to remain competitive, but also to better service their customers.   

vCAD has become a huge tool for us because we are able to show the customer, first-hand, our product in their space before we even send them the first sample.” 
-Chris Johnson, Director of Visualization at Images of America

IOA prides themselves on customizing “by inch,” tailoring the furniture systems to fit exactly where it’s needed. vCAD helped them in this endeavor by showing clients that the product they selected is a perfect fit for their space. Clearances and ADA allowances are particularly important in a hospital, and vCAD can show that IOA excels in providing for this need. While vCAD shows the technical side of the sell, it also provides the emotional side.  

When clients experience a space in vCAD, there is an “oh my gosh” moment. The amazing ability to see things as though they are real is setting IOA apart from its competitors. When it feels like you are actually there, the experience is more impactful and personal to the client. An emotional tie is built between the experience and the products they are seeing. The selling process becomes memorable rather than a mundane task. Previously relying on 2D images and a SketchUp model to convey layouts and options, Chris believes that the interaction vCAD provides will become a huge asset to IOA as it becomes more integrated into a client’s workflow.  

“I can switch and swap out the different products they choose.”
 -Chris Johnson, Director of Visualization at Images of America

In addition, IOA purchased a structure sensor that can rebuild existing spaces and is compatible with SketchUp. Once in Sketchup, Chris can place furniture systems in the actual space and clients can see what it really looks like. IOA found vCAD through an App Store search for 3D walkthroughs. What appeals to Chris the most is the ability to walk through a modeled space and see products in that space from a first-person perspective. The online conversion is quick, so it is easy to show clients multiple furniture options in their space.  

When IOA showed clients 2D images and then the vCAD walkthrough, clients made quicker and more informed decisions about their products when using vCAD. They changed a product because of how it looked in vCAD versus the 2D image. In addition, this gives IOA the opportunity to upsell products. Customers are convinced when they see new products in their space. Anything that aids in improving communication between the company and clients is a plus.  

“When I showed clients the 2D images and then the vCAD walkthrough, they made quicker and more informed decisions about the products when using vCAD. We actually changed a product because of how it looked in vCAD versus the 2D image.” 
-Chris Johnson, Director of Visualization at Images of America  

With the sharing capabilities of vCAD, clients can download the vCAD app and receive projects directly to their phones. This allows them to view the project at any time and IOA can control which options to show clients. Mobile ability, not being tied to a desktop, allows IOA to show off their products anytime and anywhere, whether in a meeting or at an onsite visit.  

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