vCAD now Supports Tiltbrush Files

vCAD Supports Tiltbrush.png

Google Tiltbrush has captured the imagination of the creative VR community.  Painting in VR has been described as an enchanting experience.  For as wonderful of experience creating the art has been, sharing it with non-Vive owners has been difficult.  Today, you can watch videos of the art being drawn or you can upload the file to services that enable a point-to-point VR experience, but still environment feels flat and lacks immersion.  

vCAD looks at this as an opportunity to highlight it’s easy conversion to VR, Cloud Distribution, and One-Touch Navigation®.  With a Personal account, the art can be shared with the VR Gallery so that any smartphone with the vCAD App becomes a viewer in both fullscreen and VR modes.  If the artist doesn’t want to share the art with the world on the VR Gallery, then use a Professional account to share the experience directly to any individual.

Download the vCAD App available on both Apple and Google Stores, register a FREE account, and experience the Tiltbrush Collection.  After that, start a risk free 14-day trial, upload some of your own VR masterpieces, and share them with your friends and family.