vCAD VR would like to be your companion app while you watch frolicking puppies to pass the time before Super Bowl LI.  Visit the vCAD VR Gallery and experience 3D models with One-Touch Navigation®.  Explore the Collections and experience full volumetric navigation. After that you may feel like you’ve seen it all. Starting at 4pm EST on Super Bowl Sunday, tweet your model requests or direct links @VcadVR with #SBvCADvr and it may be added to a special Super Bowl Collection in the vCAD VR App.  We will post a new model once an hour until kickoff and then at the end of each quarter.

 Explore the world of any 3D or CAD file converted to a phone for an immersive VR experience.  The VR Gallery is comprised of 3D CAD files used for Art, Architecture, Engineering, History Science, Tiltbrush, or Travel all in VR delivered straight to your smartphone.