VR and 3D: Important Tools to Help Architects

architect VR.jpg

“It helps our clients to understand – spatially, exactly what we are trying to accomplish. vCAD really helps them to see right off; it puts them IN the space and it lets them know what feels right and what does not. It gives everyone a better understanding of scale – a feeling for ceiling height and for the general size of the space.”

     - Benji Armstrong, Johnson Architecture

Why consider 3D architecture software 

Architects are creators and innovators, tasked with the job of making people understand and feel inspired by their designs. To achieve this, clients and colleagues must first be able to visualize the design. This can be a challenge with a 2D model, but 3D architectural visualization provides many benefits and possibilities. 

Why talk a client through a design when they can walk through it themselves? No need to explain a feature when they can experience it firsthand. The immersive experience provided by virtual reality in architectural walkthroughs and 3D walkthroughs solve many problems that architects face and helps take designs and relationships to the next level.


Experience and improve designs, quickly and easily

When you experience a CAD design in virtual reality or a 3D fly-through, it’s as though the design has actually been built (without the time and expense). Architects can explore their design and immerse themselves in that proposed space to see exactly what works - and more importantly, what does not work. Then users know specific changes and improvements to make in their 3D architectural models, can experience those adjustments to ensure accuracy, and achieve the best design solution as a result.


Improve the client experience and relationship 

Most clients are not trained in translating architectural drawings, so their understanding and view of a design can be a challenge. It’s important to get past that hurdle. vCAD allows clients to put themselves inside a 3D architectural rendering, explore it freely, and visualize the depth of a design when viewing in 3D vs. 2D. Instead of the architect describing a design to a client -- the client can experience it firsthand, to actually see and better understand the proposal. This allows clients to feel more involved in projects, provide immediate responses and feedback, and improves overall communication and comprehension. 


Save time and money 

Before construction starts, you want all parties to be on board. Immersing clients and colleagues in the design with VR and 3D walkthrough prior to this point increases the chances of everyone understanding and agreeing on the final project outcome.  vCAD is the best 3D architecture software to make quick, simple, and inexpensive adjustments to a CAD model -- which is far preferable to revisions during the construction phase.  


Accessible anytime, anywhere 

The traditional office setting has evolved. People are rarely in a static location, or seated at a desktop computer anymore. With the vCAD app, users can view and experience models in virtual reality and 3D on the go. It’s easy to share designs by sending a link via email. Colleagues and clients can access the design and experience your vision at their convenience, on any device connected to the internet. This flexibility and ease of collaboration is essential to efficiently reach your design goals. 

We invite you to try vCAD and share your feedback with us. Above all, we want you and your clients to benefit from the experience of elevating your work with 3D architectural design and interactive visualization.