VR Options for Professionals


As more companies that utilize virtual reality hit the scene, it can be a challenge to understand which one is best for your needs. Rest assured, we are here to help. We have rounded up several services that aid VR users for professional purposes, and broke it down for you below.



You can view models on your smartphone with a 3D walkthrough, or pop your phone in a viewer and see them in virtual reality.

Special features: With patent-pending “one-touch navigation”, you can explore in VR freely without experiencing VR motion sickness. vCAD is also the only solution with “continuous walkthrough,” allowing you to fully navigate your design to achieve true interactive visualization.

Best used for: Architecture, real estate development, civil engineering, interior design, tourism, teaching, 3D artists, hospitality and rentals, event planning, retail, trade show design



What it does: Allows users to capture, view, navigate, share, measure, and annotate indoor spaces in 3D (which only takes a few minutes). This allows you to create a VR experience from existing spaces.

Special features: Developed a portable 3D media platform which includes a Pro 3D Camera, cloud, and 3D showcase. Cite ownership of the largest library of real world places in VR.

Best used for: Primarily real estate, as well as travel and hospitality, business listings, location scouts, architecture, engineering and construction, news and entertainment

Price point: The pro camera costs $3,600 while cloud plans range from $49-$149 per month for different offerings. Additionally, there is a $19 processing fee for each 3D space created.



What it does: Provides a suite of professional software that allows users to visualize, share, and edit 3D models in virtual reality. Specializes in 360 degree panoramas “anytime, anywhere” (able to create in most programs) to view in VR on mobile device.

Special features: Software tracks head movement and allows you to look around spaces. Affordable and easy to use. Unlimited file storage and access to your library and easy to share. Can save to view offline too… for VR on the go!

Best used for: The building industry

Pricepoint: After initial free trial, packages range from $40 to $210 per month based on level.


Eon Reality

What it does: Allows you to display models in virtual reality on a broad range of devices, including Google Tango and and HoloLens. Also supports augmented reality with specific solutions for training.

Special features: Supports immersive VR with head tracking utilizing mobile device’s gyroscope. One-click publishing allows users to deploy VR applications for disperse learning, reference in the field, or on-the-go entertainment.

Best used for: Industry, education, edutainment, medical, energy, aerospace, manufacturing, real estate/construction, travel/tourism, sports, government, security and defence, retail

Price point: Not publically available.


Twin Motion

What it does: Real-time, 3D immersion tool for architects and designers making it easy to create images, videos, panoramas and BIMmotion. Users can easily change perspective, follow an animation, move in 3D freely or on a predefined path, and access different project alternatives.

Special features: Can manipulate your model directly in 3D (like a game) and choose how to move, (speed and mode) - the logic allows you to progress step-by-step in the construction of a scene. Utilizes immersive walkthrough 3D immersion software.

Best used for: Architecture, urban planning, territories

Pricepoint: Offer a free 30 day trial, then packages for different levels and number of users range from $540 to $8,020



What it does: Tool to visualise building designs. It produces high end 3D renders and 3D videos quickly and easily. They can be an essential part of the BIM toolkit, enabling swift production of visuals at all stages of the design cycle.

Special features: Rich library includes thousands of items, features set includes area lights and light strips, transparency and translucency for materials, weathering. Easy to use without training, fast edits and setup, works well on large models and areas.

Best used for: Architecture and design (61 of 100 top architects use it)

Pricepoint: After a free 7 days trial, the price rises to $1,636 to $3,273 range


Waking App | ENTiTi

What it does: Enables anyone to create interactive VR and AR content without any programming skills. All content is instantly made available on the app and integrates with mobile devices. Publishing content is quick and easy with extensive compatibility.

Special features: Drag and drop interface, a cloud-based system, and simple DIY content creation platform for non-programmers. Additionally, there is a growing community of artists, agencies, startups, enterprises and creators contributing to growth.

Best used for: Education, architecture, manufacturing, medicine, advertising, tourism, toys & games, entertainment

Price point: Basic platform is free (may start charging in 2017) + project fees based on use

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