Maximize Web Viewer Navigation



The vCAD team never sits still. Their goal is to ensure each user has the very best experience with the tool. The latest project on their list: show all the unique ways to fly or walk through your project so you can maximize your experience and interaction. The navigation is so smooth and eye-opening for users exploring designs – on every platform.

In under a minute, this video will teach you how to navigate an immersive 3D model on your computer with the web viewer. We also broke it down with a quick cheat sheet below (that's right, we're now taking notes for you, to make the process even easier).


  1. To look around, left click and drag the mouse
  2. To move forward, click twice and hold
  3. To move in any direction, use the arrow keys (forward, backward, left, right)
  4. To move quickly, use the mouse scroll wheel and go foward and backward
  5. To change elevation, use the shift key to decrease and the space bar to increase


There you have it! It's quite simple and intuitive – at the same time very effective (and fun) as you move around freely to experience a design from every angle. Plus, you always have the option to experience your model in virtual reality too.

We invite you to take the navigation for a spin. Please share your experience and feedback with us. The team is always looking for more ways to make improvements!