WGAN TV: vCAD New Features and New App Sneak Peak

"vCAD is a solution that makes it easy, fast and simple to view and share 3D models of spaces that don't exist yet. I can share them on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and virtual reality."
-Dan Smigrod

We Get Around Founder, CEO and Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod lead a discussion about vCAD's features and the ways in which vCAD can be used for visualizing projects that haven't been built yet. Our CTO, Jon Huber, represented vCAD in this discussion. Pre-reality is a term we have been using to describe the time frame in which vCAD is most valuable to users. With the We Get Around Network being composed of mainly Matterport and 360 Camera users and producers, they usually deal with spaces that have already been built. vCAD has the capability to turn 3D CAD Models, built in common CAD programs, into fully and freely navigable virtual spaces. This allows developers to show homes or units before they have been built in order to sell units ahead of time. This gets money in sooner, so that the building and selling process happen faster.

For producers of Matterport scans and 360 cameras, vCAD allows you to provide your clients with visualization before and after the build. Matterport is a solution for post construction that many developers and those real estate are already familiar with. What Matterport can't offer, is visualization for projects that haven't been built yet- it can't show the future. That's where vCAD comes in to be the pre-built, pre-reality tool to accompany the post-built Matterport tool. Having the ability to walk into a meeting and give solutions for both ends of the construction and sale process is extremely valuable. 

During this stream our CTO, Jon Huber, also highlighted some sneak peaks about ImmersaCAD's new project: Home Designer. The capabilities of Home Designer continue to push what Pre-Reality can really mean. Not only can someone stage a room with furniture or appliances, as you can in vCAD, but now you can switch between multiple options within the same model! Instantaneously, you can see how your future living room looks like to two completely different layouts. The overall layout can change, but now so can the colors and materials on those options! From wood to stone and unlimited paint colors, the options are endless. 

For real estate developers with different set options, we have the ability to load your own catalog into your own white-label app. When your team members at your design centers are showing clients different options, they can be limited to all the options you have to offer at that location. Not only does this allow clients to immediately visualize the space they want, but you can make sure they you can do exactly what they want. The infrastructure behind this ability is database driven, so you can keep track of everything behind the scenes and receive reports on what finishes are most popular. 

We are very exciting about these new devlopements and we will be highlighting all of these capabilities over the next few months as we conitnue to develop them! Thanks to Dan and the We Get Around Network for tuning in!

Watch the whole interview below!