What's In A Design? Our New Aesthetic Explained


Creating a new aesthetic for a brand is no small task. The ideation is a long process with a lot of contemplation, scrutiny, and edits. Every element of the design has meaning and a message to convey. Each detail is meditated upon, discussed, and revised.

Many, many times over.

It’s a tough process to package up all of the ideas and information, and craft something that truly represents a company. This was done twice, for the vCAD logo and website.

Ideas & Inspiration

vCAD is less than a year old, launching in December of 2016. In that short amount of time, the company has already introduced several advancements and innovations in their product. This inspired a desire to implement creative to be more cohesive with these updates, and reflect the newness taking place.

Next step? Create a visual representation of the key components the company stands for: simple, immersive, visionary, cutting edge, timeless. At the same time, it was important to show what they made possible by converting CAD models, and standout features such as one touch navigation. Taking all of that into consideration, the design phase began.

Logo: a Labor of Love

Take a look at the logo (top left), pause, then look again. You’ll see that the simple form can be both 2D and 3D, depending on your gaze. In fact, you might even see three logos in one. This speaks to the product and its ability to offer a range of enhanced experiences in 2D and 3D visualization, as well as virtual reality.

There are many levels to the design, but at the same time it is very simple. That’s because the tool and one step conversion is very simple, and the logo is meant to reflect this. Additionally, the color gradient hints at the fluid conversion of a design file from 2D to 3D, while shades of blue suggest a calm and comfortable user experience.

We are huge fans of the outcome. You?

Website: a Warm Welcome

The color palette and clean imagery all derive from an aesthetic path the logo put in motion. It’s a simple design to reflect how easy the tool is, and to place an emphasis on the ultimate goal: clearly show customers how to use the product.

It’s also a showcase for what vCAD can do. Convert models, experience designs in VR and 3D flythrough, share work – the new site demonstrates how it all strings together, and teaches people about the possibilities with this powerful tool.

The 411: You can find design ideas and examples in the gallery. Scroll through the blog for useful information and updates. The features tab is a quick reference for the many ways the tool can enhance your work, while the support section is there solely to help you.

If you have ideas for additional details to include on the site, we welcome your feedback!


Overall, this process took several months – and like every other area of the business, the team is working on improvements always. Here's where we are at today with the new look at vCAD. It's fun to tell the story, take time to enjoy it, and then continue pushing forward.